Firmware changesΒΆ

1 - added include file MaxFuncRedefinition.h at the top of MaximPmod.c file.
This file must be the first to be included in the list.
#include "MaxFuncRedifinition.h"  <----

#include <stdio.h>
#include "platform.h"
#include "menu.h"
#include "utilities.h"
#include "maximDeviceSpecificUtilities.h"
#include "maximPMOD.h"


2 - renamed main() function inside MaximPmod.c file with new name main_pmod().

int main_pmod()      <----
* \brief       Main() function for Analog Essentials example program.
* \par         Details
*              This function allows you to set and initializes the FPGA and hardware, which will appear in the main menu by
               HyperTerminal, which will send the demo of individual programs to the basic module.
* \param       None
* \retval      Always TRUE
       // Variables for the main() function
       u8 uchInput=0;
       int nMenuState=0;
       int i=0;
       char tempString[256];

3 - commented function led_knight_rider inside MaximPmod.c file to obtain application fast start.

// Toggle the LEDs so that the user knows the board is awake
       XGpio_Initialize(&g_xGpioLed, XPAR_AXI_GPIO_LED_DEVICE_ID);
       XGpio_SetDataDirection(&g_xGpioLed, 1, 0x00000000); // Set the LED peripheral to outputs
//     led_knight_rider(&g_xGpioLed,2);     <----

4 - changed costant definition ABOUT_ONE_SECOND inside MaximPmod.h file as follow:

#define ABOUT_ONE_SECOND 74067512/8/3   <----
//#define ABOUT_ONE_SECOND 74067512      //!< approx 1 second delay when used as argument with function delay(numberCyclesToDelay)
// Update this if uBlaze/Zynq CPU core frequency is changed, or if the external memory timing changes.
// Although emprirically tested to 1.0000003 seconds, it is not meant to be used for precise timing purposes

NOTE: All these changes are tested on revision 1.6 of Maxim project files and need to be checked on further new revisions