Firmware details

Brookling Board firmware comes from original Maxim Maxim Zenboard Platform project revision 1.6, by using the file listed above.

Main project files from Maxim

  • MaximPmod.c
  • menu.c.
  • maximDeviceSpecificUtilities.c
  • platform.c
  • utilities.c

and related include files

  • MaximPmod.h
  • menu.h
  • maximDeviceSpecificUtilities.h
  • platform.h
  • utilities.h
  • platform_config.h

You can find all this file in the “Source” folder of the project

General include files

  • xbasic_types.h
  • xgpio.h
  • xgpio_l.h
  • xiic_l.h
  • xil_assert.h
  • xil_cache.h
  • xil_io.h
  • xil_types.h
  • xparameters.h
  • xparameters_ps.h
  • xpseudo_asm.h
  • xpseudo_asm_gcc.h
  • xreg_cortex9.h
  • xspi.h
  • xspi_i.h
  • xspi_l.h
  • xstatus.h
  • xuartlite.h
  • xuartlite_i.h
  • xuartlite_l.h
  • xuartps_hw.h

You can find all this file in the “Source\x_files” folder of the project


Main Project files added

In source folder you find application specific files:

  • ProcessorEspert.c (containing Main())
  • Events.c
  • driver.c (low-level function replacement)

and include files

  • MaxFuncRedefinition.h (start menu function redifinition)
  • Events.h
This project is developed under Codewarrior 10.3 using Processor Expert tools. You can also find two folders, one named “Generated_Code” and second named “PE_code”
The first one contain auto-generated file that depend on Logical Device component inside Processor Expert Components, and may rebuild each occurence (when a device settings modification has been made)
The second contains file one-time generated by Processor Expert and “freezed” in this folder. No modification can be invoked by Processor Expert.

Detailed documentation of firmware can be downloaded ..... link